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Regional Recruitment Coordinator Matthew

Matthew Scott, Regional Recruitment Coordinator for Lifeways, gives you a competitive edge with our interview FAQ's 

So, what should someone do before an interview with Lifeways? 

“Firstly, check when and where the interview is. Make sure you know the time and date of the interview. If you can’t go to the interview, let us know. We might be able to give you another date. Give yourself plenty of time to get there. The interview might not have a location, but just be a video interview online.

If you can, research our company. Look at social media channels and press reports. Research the background and check us out on job boards. This will show that you want to work for Lifeways.” 

What do people need to bring to the interview? 

“We will need to see proof of right to work. Make sure you read your interview invites and bring any documentation requested. You can consider bringing your CV but more importantly, know your CV because you may get questions about it." 

Do you have any tips on what people should do during the interview? 

“Be yourself. We all get nervous at interviews, make sure you have a glass of water to help pause and compose yourself in moments of questions. Being your natural self as much as possible will make you more relaxed and come across better. It’s also good to show that you are interested in working for the company."

I would also suggest you make eye contact with the interviewers. Be friendly and professional. Give yourself time to think about your answers.” 

 Is it a good idea to practice before an interview?  

“It’s always a good idea. You can run through a mock interview with friends and family. There are also lots of tools online on how to present yourself and the top asked questions in interviews.  

It’s a good idea to also make notes of your skills that relate to the role highlighted in the job description. Think: How can your experiences and abilities contribute to the role?” 

What’s the dress code? 

“You should wear clean, smart professional clothes for your interview.” 

How should someone prepare for an online interview?  

“Before your interview, make sure the device you are doing the video interview on is fully charged and is kept plugged in during your call. In order to give the video interview your full attention, make sure you are sitting somewhere quiet. 

Lifeways interviews are usually conducted using Microsoft Teams but there are lots of video platforms that can be used. It's important to familiarise yourself with the video platform. Also, check that you received the link to your video interview and confirmed your attendance." 

 What happens if someone is late or needs to reschedule?  

“If you can’t attend or are running late, let the recruiter know. It goes a long way to communicate effectively, even before an interview takes place.” 

 What happens after the interview?  

“We will usually let you know the outcome within 48 hours of your interview. If a weekend falls in between, this can be a little bit longer.”

Feel like you are ready for an interview with Lifeways? Then check out our full list of vacancies on our careers page.

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