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Support in your own home

What are outreach services?

Outreach services (also called domiciliary care services) are designed for adults with complex needs who could benefit from flexible support built around their daily life, and who would like to remain living in the family home or their own home.

At Lifeways, our local teams provide this support by spending time with people in their own homes, out in the community, and sometimes with sleep-in (overnight) support. This is different to supported living and residential care, where support is provided to people living within Lifeways’ shared housing or purpose-built apartments.

Criteria for our outreach support packages:

- start from a minimum of 35 to 70 hours per week, depending on area

- delivered in one session per day

- for overnight support, a suitable room must be available for the support worker to stay

“I’ve been supported to maintain my tenancy and my wellbeing. For example, I need help keeping my accommodation safe and tidy. Staff also help with my wellbeing if they believe I'm becoming unwell, either physically or emotionally. I’ve become more independent, but there's always room for improvement.”

David, who lives near Cambridge, is one of the people we support with our Lifeways outreach service.

What are the benefits of support in your own home?

As well as providing support around day-to-day tasks, outreach support can help people to build or retain a greater sense of independence, enjoy new activities and hobbies and explore more of their local community, all whilst continuing to live in their own home.

For family members, support at home can provide a well-needed break from being the main caregiver. With a focus on increasing independence, outreach support can often have a positive effect on the family dynamic and personal relationships. As the caregiver responsibilities reduce, it allows for more quality time together.

Supported living

What outreach support does Lifeways provide?

Our support packages start from a minimum of 35 to 70 hours per week, depending on area, and we can provide 24/7 support if needed. The support is provided by nearby Lifeways services, is delivered in one session per day and can include overnight support where there is a suitable room for the support worker to stay.

At Lifeways, our support is always tailored around each individual. We spend time understanding each person’s daily life, routines and schedules, as well as getting to know their favourite activities, hobbies and personal goals to ensure our support empowers them to lead a happy, fulfilling and more independent life.

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Supported living

We can support you or your loved one with:

  • staying safe at home
  • preparing meals
  • keeping the home clean and tidy
  • assistance with personal care
  • enjoying meaningful daily activities
  • developing and maintaining social connections
  • shopping
  • spending time in the local community
  • attending appointments
  • managing finances, budgets and bills
  • using a computer and staying safe on the internet
  • exploring education, volunteering and employment.

Our outreach teams make sure to regularly review support plans to meet changing needs, and we encourage the people we support to play a role in shaping their own support.

Supported living
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How can I or my loved one access outreach services?

If you would like to find out more about outreach services, please get in touch with our friendly team by calling 0333 321 4881 or contact us.

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