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Preparing for an interview

We believe that the people we support are the experts when it comes to knowing about what can make a positive impact on their lives. That’s the reason we are so passionate about co-production. Co-production for us means we strive to include everyone when we design, develop and evaluate our support.  

Part of this is inclusive recruitment, which allows the people we support to be involved throughout the process of recruiting the staff who will support them. This includes being part of the interview and asking questions.  

Gina Evans, Lifeways Registered Manager says that inclusive recruitment is important as the people we support deserve a team that is tailored to them.  

"I wouldn’t want anyone to support me if they weren’t suited to me, so I wouldn’t expect it for the people I support either. Everyone has different talents, values, and interests – the people we support deserve to have a team that is tailored to them, that wants to be there. They know when people don’t share their interests, and it really affects their self-esteem when someone doesn’t engage as well as someone who is suited to their needs". 

Scheme Manager Kelly Hatton is an advocate for inclusive recruitment. She believes that "inclusive recruitment gives those we support the independent right of choice. They get the chance to play a part in who supports them and they even get to see and understand the recruitment process. By asking questions and sitting in on interviews, they are building their confidence and improving their communication skills."  

Beth is one of the people Kelly supports. She is always keen to be involved in interviews and learn new skills.  

"I like being a part of the interviewing because I learn a lot. I enjoy asking questions and getting to know people’s backgrounds. Plus, it's a nice outcome that our managers take on board our opinions.   

Doing interviews helps me with speaking clearly and helps me be more confident. Also, it keeps my mind occupied and busy. It gives me a better understanding of what an interview is like so when I want a job in the near future, I would know how to deal with it.  

In the interview, I get a booklet and a list of questions which I understand. I pick three questions and write them down. We then write down the candidate's answers. Also, we sit down with the manager and talk about if they were good or not and together we make a final decision." 

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