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Simon's Story

New communication methods help to reduce anxiety

Simon lives with a learning disability, autism and associated challenging behaviour and epilepsy. Due to his behaviours and anxieties of new situations, Simon suffers from social isolation.

Simon needed to register with new health facilities. His support team worked with the selected surgery who were extremely accommodating – providing an opportunity for Simon to explore the premises out of hours. He was introduced to the practice nurse, GP and reception staff. Photographs were taken to add to Simon’s communication album. He now uses this as a prompt to reduce anxiety.

As a member of Simon’s support team, Julie, comments: “Simon is so much happier when he visits the doctors. If he ever starts to panic, he is able to use the pictures in his communication album as a calming strategy. It really works for him so that by the time we enter the surgery he is comfortable and happy to arrive."

The surgery is always very welcoming. "This approach has been extended to give Simon greater community access including his local hairdresser, chiropodist and optician."

For more information on the support and services we provide to those living with learning disabilities, click here.

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