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Regional Operations Director Alac

Lifeways Regional Operations Director Alac Pengelly, shares the story of his exciting and interesting life in the care industry. 

Alac has worked within the care industry for over 31 years and has spent the last two as a Regional Operations Director at Lifeways, which he believes is a great place to work. 

 "Lifeways as an organisation is probably one of the friendlier companies I’ve worked for, where I genuinely feel they do put people first. Its reinforced continual improvement is the key to its success". 

However, the role does come with its challenges from negotiating fees for new services to managing a situation with an WW2 bomb. Yes, you read that right, Alac recently had to deal with an unexploded explosive device! The discovery close to the West Malling Office forced the Lifeways building to shut while the bomb was being defused - just a normal part of the job!

"My job here at Lifeways is very diverse. I can be responsible for pretty much anything, from advising on how to manage a situation with an unexploded WW2 bomb close to an office, to negotiating fees for new services, to advising on personnel issues. Operations can be unpredictable. My job is to put the systems and processes into place which makes it as predictable as possible". 

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