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Lifeways Regional Recruitment Co-ordinator, Storm Van Den Berg, moved away from her family in South Africa and is now adjusting to life in the UK.

Back in April 2020, just before the UK went into lockdown, Storm made the difficult decision to leave behind her home in South Africa, where she worked for a recruitment agency under the Adcorp brand. She now continues her career in recruitment at Lifeways. 

"I have been so fortunate to secure a role with Lifeways. Being part of a company that is more like a community, has been such an incredible help in adjusting to a new country. I have made friends that will last a lifetime since being here. This has helped tremendously with adjusting to living here." 

Unfortunately, the transition has not been easy for Storm. Her husband back in South Africa missed the travel deadline caused by Covid so he was not able to join her straight away. This meant that the move away from her family and husband was difficult. Luckily, technology allowed her to stay in constant contact.  

"I am such a family orientated person so it was a tough decision to move so far away! Each birthday that has gone by has been difficult but I am so thankful we live in a day and age that technology keeps me in contact with them. We have daily video calls and constant group texts! 

My husband, unfortunately, got stuck in South Africa when they announced a state of national disaster and the country went into a strict lockdown, but he is now finally home with me! Being reunited with him really made the UK feel like home."  

As she has now been transitioning from South Africa to the UK for over six months, she has enough experience to provide the following advice to anyone moving from abroad to work in the UK: 

 "I would advise everyone moving from outside the UK to never compare the UK to your previous home! Learn the new culture and engulf yourself in your new surroundings." 

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