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Driving change for people living with learning disabilities

At Lifeways we believe that a disability should not change the way a person lives nor should it stop someone from living the life they wish and achieving their goals and ambitions. We encourage the people we support to lead a rich and fulfilling life as independently as possible. 

Kyle was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and a learning disability but has never let his diagnosis be an obstacle in achieving what he is passionate about. He volunteers at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital where he delivers presentations in order to raise awareness on learning disabilities in the hospital environment and provides training to doctors and nurses. Kyle is passionate about raising awareness and addressing health inequalities faced by individuals with learning disabilities. He is a part of the Treat Me Well Campaign, which aims to create better experiences for people with disabilities.

As part of the campaign, Kyle was invited to the Houses of Parliament and spoke with MPs about making learning disability training a part of the mandatory training in all hospitals. Thanks to Kyle, this has now been achieved. Following this, Kyle was invited to the Learning Disabilities and Autism: Improving Care Conference in Manchester to discuss the Treat Me Well Campaign and the impact it has had on changing the Government and Healthcare Policy. Kyle said, “Getting to be a part of the Treat Me Well Campaign was amazing, but my proudest achievement was moving away from home and into my own flat. Although I missed my parents, I have learnt to make my own decisions and with the help of Lifeways, I have learnt to live a happy and independent life”. 

Determined to inspire other people living with disabilities, Kyle is an advocate for patients and young people with learning disabilities who are scared, isolated and need someone to talk to. “My biggest aspiration in life is to make a positive impact in people’s lives. I have learnt that in life, people will always treat you how you treat them so I always treat people how I would like to be treated myself”.

For more information on the support and services we provide to those living with learning disabilities, click here.

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