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lorna worcester supported living service

For Lorna, one-and-a-half years receiving support at a Lifeways supported living service ended up to be far more life-changing than she expected.

In October 2020, Lorna, who’s in her twenties, moved to her own flat at Bedwardine Court, a Lifeways supported living service in Worcester.

Before moving in, Lorna had been living at a mental health facility for six months.

Making the move to her own apartment at Bedwardine Court was a positive change.

The new-build, purpose-built property is made up of twenty one-bedroom apartments, each with an open-plan lounge, dining room and bathroom.

Along with Lorna for the move was her support cat, Dottie.

Lorna soon made a connection to her support team members, including Megan, Jade, Chloe, Helen, and Carol.

“The staff were very helpful to me,” Lorna says. “They would help me with house chores and help me to develop routine and a sense of independence.”

“My most happy memory at Bedwardine Court is when me, Megan, Chloe, and Jade were in the lounge painting letters for a Bedwardine Court sign to go in the window; we were all making jokes and having fun listening to music together,” adds Lorna.

“I also loved it when Helen would come to my flat and do crafty things with me and Jade would come do my hair for me.”

Lorna then became pregnant with her partner at the time, and the support team at Bedwardine Court began looking for a new, more independent living option for the soon-to-be mother.

New connections

And as the months passed, it was time for Lorna to make still more new connections.

When Len, another individual we support, moved in to a flat near Lorna’s in January this year, she decided to introduce herself. But there was a slight snag.

“I wanted to introduce myself but Len didn't feel ready to talk to people,” says Lorna. “So I wrote them a letter introducing myself then put it under their door so they didn't have to speak to me directly.”

Thankfully, Len wrote back, wishing her a Happy Birthday, which she’d just celebrated, and added that like Lorna, they were a fellow ukulele player.

The two neighbours soon met up in person, and a month later, began a relationship.

Now, with a baby in tow, Lorna was supported in March this year to move out of Bedwardine Court, and to live by herself in an adapted bungalow.

“Now I am the mother of a beautiful baby boy, Sebastian, and am loving living life with him and my partner Len,” says Lorna.

Best of both worlds

For Lorna, her new living situation is the best of both worlds.

She still enjoys regularly seeing and visiting Len, who still lives at the supported living service – and was with them at Bedwardine Court at the time of talking to us!

Yet now in her own bungalow, Lorna has the space and independence to raise baby Sebastian without the continued assistance of her support team.

“I love living independently,” she says.

Rebecca Ballard, Bedwardine Court’s service manager, says her and the team enjoyed supporting Lorna. 

“Lorna’s lovely, and we all do miss her,” says, “But we’re happy that she’s happy and settled in her new place.”

Thank you for sharing your awesome story, Lorna!


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