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knock knock campaign for website

Knock Knock… who’s there? 

It’s our #DAD2021 campaign.

We’re all used to hearing the words ‘Knock Knock’, followed by a punchline. 

But our Knock Knock campaign for this year’s Dignity Action Day, led by the National Dignity Council,  is no joke.

During last year’s Dignity Action Day, we asked everyone we support to share their views on what dignity meant for them.

One resounding answer was: ‘respecting my privacy by knocking on my door before entering my room.’


That’s why this year, our #DAD2021 campaign, which we’re calling Knock Knock, aims to remind every Lifeways colleague to take the privacy of the people we support very seriously.

And given that so many of us are currently spending more time at home than we normally would, respecting every individual’s privacy is particularly important.

So, to support people’s privacy, we’re providing everyone with an A4-sized paper door knocker template, which you can see in the picture above.

This template can be printed out, and three top reasons why the individual wants privacy written in. The paper can then be laminated, or put in a plastic wallet, and placed on the door of the individual’s living space.

Here's three things individuals we support have told us about their privacy:

  • Knock on the door and wait until answered

  • Be considerate of my personal space

  • I can spend time alone if I choose

“In our #DAD2021 ‘Knock Knock’ campaign, we’ll hear directly from the people we support, who will share their views on why knocking before entering their home or room is important,” said Nicola Forshaw, Group Services Director of Lifeways. She can be seen in the image above.

“Let’s all make sure we take this simple but important action.”

Meanwhile, Lifeways’ Swindon and Gloucester offices are also marking Dignity Action Day with a balloon race – with a twist.

Every person we support in those areas will receive a biodegradable helium-filled balloon. Then, each individual can attach a message to the balloon, saying what dignity means to them, with a note asking whoever finds the balloon to take a picture and share where they found it.

The people we support will be letting the balloons off at precisely 13:00 on Monday 1 February 2021. Keep an eye out, as you may find a balloon!

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