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In a move to further commit to the people we support and amplify their voices, Lifeways and Living Ambitions, part of the Lifeways Group, have joined the Association for Real Change (ARC) Scotland’s Charter for Involvement.

The Charter for Involvement aims to help people who receive support in Scotland get involved in their services, the organisations that run the services, and their wider communities.

Illustrated with the striking image of a tiger – which ARC Scotland says ‘makes us feel strong and bold’, the 58-page charter contains 12 statements from people who receive support.

These 12 statements are:

  1. We must be at the heart of any plans about our lives.
  2. We have a right to live our lives independently.
  3. We must be involved in our communities.
  4. We must be able to speak about how our support is working for us and what would be better.
  5. We want to be involved in choosing the people who support us.
  6. We want to give information and training to staff at all levels.
  7. We want to be involved in writing policies that affect us and making them easy to understand.
  8. We want to be involved in decisions made by the organisations that plan and run our support.
  9. We want to be involved in events run by the organisations that plan and run our support.
  10. We want to be involved with ‘speaking-up’ groups.
  11. We want to take part in national and local campaigns.
  12. We have the right to make formal complaints if we need to.

Earlier in June, ARC Scotland visited our Glasgow office to explain the Charter for Involvement to our teams, over a dozen people we support, and their family members and guardians.

Next, several ‘Charter Champions’ – people we support in Scotland and team members – will decide which of the statements we’d like to showcase.

Then, we’ll officially sign up to the Charter for Involvement and involve everyone who receives support or works with Lifeways in Scotland.

‘Delighted and excited’

Commenting on Lifeways’ signing up to the Charter, Fiona Barrie-Higgins, Regional Director for Scotland at Lifeways, said:

“I am delighted and excited that Lifeways, on behalf of the people we support, recognises the importance of this Charter.

“We are dedicated to providing support that’s always improving, and is person-led.”

“This Charter will help guide us, alongside Lifeways’ own Care Standards and CHOICE values – Caring, Honest, One team, Innovative, Courageous, and Equal.

“Together, these high standards give the people we support full choice and control to live their best lives,” Fiona added.

“Publicly launching the Charter acknowledges our promise and commitment to the people we support. The Charter ensures that their voices are at the core of our care, maintaining both quality and respect for their rights.”

Stay tuned in the coming months, as we officially launch the Charter for Involvement at Living Ambitions and Lifeways in Scotland!


About ARC Scotland:

ARC Scotland works to enhance health and social care by improving knowledge, practice, and policy. The charity’s work supports people with learning disabilities, autism, mental health challenges, and sensory or physical disabilities.

About Living Ambitions:

Living Ambitions is part of Lifeways, the UK’s largest team of support professionals providing support for adults in the community.

We support adults with diverse and complex needs, including learning disabilities, autism, physical disabilities, acquired brain injuries, and mental health conditions.

Our 11,000 colleagues currently support around 4,000 individuals who live in our 1,500 supported living and residential services across England, Scotland, and Wales.

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