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Our blogs cover a wide range of topics relating to Lifeways, our services and the support we provide.

23 June 2022

The differences between child and adult support services

Making the move from a children’s support service to an adult service is an important and exciting chapter in a young person’s life.

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A person being pushed in a wheelchair
12 May 2022

A career in supported living - your questions answered

Looking for a role where you can support people with living with disabilities to live more fulfilling and independent lives? Supported living offers just that, along with being a very rewarding and enjoyable career path that’s filled with different opportunities.

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Two people hugging and laughing
30 March 2022

What is supported living?

Making the move to supported living is an exciting time in your life, with new opportunities, new friendships and a new-found sense of independence. If it’s your first time moving into supported living accommodation, there can be a lot to think about and lots of decisions to make.

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Two people laughing drinking a hot drink
04 March 2022

Our guide to supported living for people with mental health conditions

What is a mental health condition?

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A man in a wheelchair and two people walking behind him
20 January 2022

Our guide to supported living for people with physical disabilities

What is a physical disability?

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Two people hugging
21 December 2021

The benefits of choosing supported living

Supported living helps people with a range of support needs retain their independence whilst still having that extra physical and emotional support needed to lead completely fulfilled lives in their own homes. 

There are many benefits to choosing supported living including:

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